Wordy Wednesday 22 March 2023

Buyer’s Remorse

Just going to call it out right NOW. This totally happens and it is a part of the emotional-real-estate roller coaster ride. So don’t panic. I REPEAT, do not panic. It’s completely normal after you have made a home purchase … heck I felt it every time in my own homeownership journeys! In most cases, that “oh crap, what did I just do” 😳, will subside and you will move back into doing your happy dances. 💃🕺

In some cases, especially during the extremely competitive covid market we just experienced, Buyers felt this insane pressure to BUY, and BUY NOW, and BUY AT ANY COST… these folks may have buyer’s remorse that has pervaded since the decline of the market. If you have gotten yourself into this type of situation and need some guidance I am always here to listen and help problem solve.

My wish for you and all home buyers is to NEVER feel a sense of Buyer’s Remorse, but if it creeps up, say hi and then send it on its way… because you have a new home to focus on and dream about!

Sending High Fives